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Private Lessons

1 lesson-$175

3 lessons-$450

5 lessons-$775

In our private lessons, I will work with you and your dog to give you the skills you need to further your training.

Sport dog coaching

Rates vary

Sport dog coaching including competitive obedience, IPO/IGP obedience, ringsport obedience, or any other competitive obedience discipline.  

Sommer Camp


$3500/4 weeks

$4800/~6 weeks

$6300/~8 weeks

This program is for someone that doesn't have the time or ability to do the bulk of the training.  We take your dog into my home and teach your dog the skills they need to know.  After your dog's camp time is over, we work with you and your dog together to help you incorporate the training into your household.  

  • 4 weeks- basic on leash obedience (includes 2 private lessons)

    • Loose leash walking, recalls, bed stays, sit and down stays​, basic manners

  • 6 weeks- off leash obedience (includes 3 private lessons)

    • Loose leash walking, off leash recalls, bed stays, sits and downs with added distractions, basic manners

  • 8-10 weeks- off leash  (includes 4 private lessons)

    • Off leash heeling, off leash recalls, ​off leash manners

Behavior Mod Camp

Minimum 6 weeks-$6000

8+weeks- $7000+

This is a longer, more intensive program that includes dogs with any behaviors issues that include:

  • Leash reactivity, separation anxiety, human or dog aggression, resource guarding, fear or anxiety.

*Consult is required for this program

Puppy Camp

$2000-2 weeks

$3700-4 weeks

$4700-6 weeks

$6000-8 weeks

Puppies require a lot of work.  This program is for someone who wants a well behaved and socialized dog that doesn't have time to get your puppy started properly.  


2 week Puppy Starter camp 

  • Crate training

  • Beginning of potty training

  • Socialization

  • Introduction to learning: luring sits, downs, recalls, going to bed

4 week Basic Puppy camp

  • Everything in our 2 week camp

  • Continued learning of sit, down, recall, leash walking, going to bed, waiting at doorways, general handling and basic house manners

6 week Off Leash camp

  • Continued generalization of our 4 week camp

8 week All Around Puppy

  • On and off leash obedience

  • Socialization

  • House manenrs

  • Control and obedience out in the world


$85/night for prior campers

$100/night for new dogs

Vacation boarding with maintenance training so your dog can continue to practice good habits. 

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