Private Lessons

1 lesson-$150

3 lessons-$390

5 lessons-$600

In our private lessons, I will work with you and your dog to give you the skills you need to further your training.

Sport dog coaching

Rates vary

Sport dog coaching including competitive obedience, IPO/IGP obedience, ringsport obedience, or any other competitive obedience discipline.  

Sommer Camp

$2800/~4 weeks

$3800/~6 weeks

$5500/~8 weeks

This program is for someone that doesn't have the time or ability to do the bulk of the training.  I take your dog into my home and teach your dog the skills they need to know.  After your dog's camp time is over, I work with you and your dog together to help you incorporate the training into your household.  

  • 4 weeks- basic on leash obedience (includes 2 private lessons)

  • 6 weeks- off leash obedience (includes 3 private lessons)

  • 8-10 weeks- behavioral issues (includes 4 private lessons)

Puppy Camp

$1500-2 weeks

$3000-4 weeks

$4000-6 weeks

$5000-8 weeks

Puppies require a lot of work.  This program is for someone who wants a well behaved and socialized dog that doesn't have time to get your puppy started properly.  


2 week Puppy Starter camp 

  • Crate training

  • Beginning of potty training

  • Socialization

  • Introduction to learning: luring sits, downs, recalls, going to bed

4 week Basic Puppy camp

  • Everything in our 2 week camp

  • Continued learning of sit, down, recall, leash walking, going to bed, waiting at doorways, general handling and basic house manners

6 week Off Leash camp

  • Continued generalization of our 4 week camp

8 week All Around Puppy

  • On and off leash obedience

  • Socialization

  • House manenrs

  • Control and obedience out in the world




In home boarding to dogs that have completed any length Sommer Camp program.