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Lindsey Sommer-Trainer

I have been training dogs for over 15 years.  My passion for dogs started as a child, and only grew more as an adult.  After volunteering at a dog shelter in college, I decided that I wanted to spend my career helping dogs with training and behavioral needs.  I attended the Michael Ellis School for Dog Trainers, and ended up working for the school as a training instructor for 6 years.

I became fascinated with Belgian Malinois early in my training career, and now currently breed, train and raise working Belgian Malinois.  I compete with them in a sport called Mondioring. 


I am passionate about helping dogs and owners better understand each other to make live together more enjoyable.


I consider myself a reward based trainer, but I believe that punishment is a necessary part of the learning process.  I use prong collars and electric collars in a fair and consistent manner so the dog has the best opportunity to learn how to properly behavior in the world. 

Shannan Kirk-Office Manager, Puppy Raiser
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