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Sommer K9 Services

Dog training and boarding in the San Francisco Bay Area, California

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Training Lessons

One on one, hour long training lessons will give you the tools you need to train your dog yourself.  Your dog won't be getting trained in these lessons as much as you will be learning how to train and manage your dog in your own home.

Sommer Camp

In this program, your dog will stay in my home and learn all of the skills they will need to know.  I will then work with you and your dog in your home to help transition your dog back into your household.  The length of the program will depend on your dog's needs.


Sport coaching

Private coaching for dogs and their owners that with to pursue a competitive obedience discipline, including AKC obedience, IPO/IGP obedience, ringsport obedience, etc.

In home boarding

I offer boarding for dogs that have completed any of the Sommer Camp programs.  Your dog will live in my home, and the training will continue to be reinforced for your dog's stay. 

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